the new standard for identification

Providing a brand new, privacy friendly identification solution that allows companies to be personalized, relevant and monetize on mobile.

We are the next generation of identification in a cookie-less world.


Not a cookie
but something more

Deterministic, privacy friendly identification is critical for companies to reach their users and monetize effectively on the web.

Parrable technology doesn't utilize fingerprinting, probabilistic methodologies, or invasive personally identifiable information. Our solution is simple: accurate and anonymous device identification across the web.

Parrable lets you find your audience with total visibility and transparency anytime, anywhere.

100% Visibility

Eliminate Cookie Syncs

True Persistence

Privacy Friendly

colibri: parrable video

Your video
anywhere, everywhere

Stop your audience in their tracks with the Colibri Video Player.

Developed with mobile in mind, Colibri loads quickly and beautifully plays content inline. That means no pop-ups or screen takeovers.

Better UX


VPAID/VAST Compatible

Reduce clutter, add value


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