A privacy friendly Identity solution

Whats the problem

What's the Problem?

Fragmentation of identity on devices due to third-party cookie restrictions, cookie-sync loss and a fundamental gulf between app and web has created a challenge for the digital advertising ecosystem who cannot consistently identify every mobile device.

Splintered identity has severely limited the ability to reach users with the most targeted message or measure effectiveness - especially on mobile which is one of the most rich opportunities to develop a relationship with consumers and communicate to them in a timely fashion.

We created a solution

Achieve addressibility with Parrable's independent solution that identifies each device across all browsers and apps without using personally identifiable information.

Unlike other identification solutions that may use personally identifiable information, fingerprinting or probabilistic methods - Parrable is deterministic and persistent providing our partners with visibility of their entire audience.

Whats the problem


Know, find and communicate with your consumer wherever they are - even on mobile, their most intimate device!​


want to have an intimate relationship with consumers. Without a universal, persistent identifier on a device, it is impossible to do this.​


patented device identification platform allows a marketer to deliver the most relevant and personalized message to the user - wherever they are - and measure its effectiveness.
Advertisers and Parrable

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)​

​ Increase the efficiency of your spend and optimize your revenue!

are not able to consistently identify every mobile device, so they are not able to match targeted users with those found on supply exchanges. This can lead to inefficient spend.

provides DSPs with the next-gen device ID, enabling them to reach their targeted users with 100% certainity, thanks to Parrable's proprietary technology that identifies each device across all browsers and apps without using personally identifiable information (PII).
Device Id

Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Increase monetization: Create more robust profiles by including second and third party data!


cannot consistently identify mobile devices on third party cookie restricted worlds. One device can look like thousands of devices, making it diffiicult for DMPs to create well-segmented profiles.


Device ID Platform works where third party cookies do not, enabling DMP's to include second and third party data into the profiles they create, increasing accuracy and monetization.

Publishers & Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)​

Don't take it for granted that a significant percentage of your inventory is unmonetizable, ensure that your inventory is valued to the maximum when you know 100% of your audience.

Supply side
has challenges monetizing advertising inventory effectively due to a lack of visibility into 100% of their audience.

allows its partners to identify users - regardless of browser or operating system - and thus enabling them to increase fill rates and CPMs.

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