Parrable respects your privacy. We do not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or require Single Sign On. Our Platform is designed to ensure that we don’t know your identity. We offer the following choice mechanisms.

Reset Browser ID

When you reset your Parrable Browser ID, a new Browser ID is created and placed in the Browser. We do not link the old Browser ID to the new Browser ID. We require Clients to use the new Browser ID going forward and to refrain from connecting previous Browser IDs to your current Browser ID without your consent. Please note that the Browser ID only applies to a single browser on a single device.

Opt Out

We offer a one-click opt out from Parrable at the top of this page. Additionally, opt out is also available through the NAI's Consumer Choice page. If you choose to opt-out, Parrable makes a note that your browser has opted-out and ensures that our Clients can see the opt-out choice recorded for your browser. Our Clients are instructed to honor that choice according to applicable law and/or industry standards. In most places, this means that Clients won’t use Parrable’s technology to conduct interest based advertising on opted-out devices. We record opt-out choices in an HTTP cookie. Please note that if you clear the cache of your browser or device, or use a different computer or device you will likely need to renew your opt-out choice.Please also note that the opt-out only applies to a single browser on a single device.

Do Not Track

Some web browsers offer a mechanism, known as a "Do Not Track" ("DNT"), that allows a user to elect to stop the collection of certain browsing data by websites and technology companies. Parrable is experimenting with DNT and may place an opt-out cookie on computers or other devices when we see a valid DNT signal. At this time, the most reliable choice mechanisms we offer are the browser ID reset and opt-out described above.